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About Debanjan

Debanjan Bhattacharjee is a post-graduate engineer in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from IIEST Shibpur. But his passion for music made him evolve and emerge as an Indian Classical Music solo artiste from Kolkata, India, playing the Sarode. Debanjan has gained worldwide recognition for his pioneering work in establishing his brainchild and his new initiative - "Dhrupad Sarod" with solely Pakhawaj on accompaniment. He is well known for his authentic style of solo performances in Indian Classical Music. Apart from solo stage shows, Debanjan has done numerous collaborations with globally renowned musicians. Debanjan has also done significant music arrangements, and played Sarode for the background music of renowned movies, and Theme Music for renowned Puja committees for the mega cultural extravaganza - Durga Puja of Kolkata.

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Awards & Notable Performances

President of India's Gold Medal Awardee (2008)
Over 450 solo performances in 18 Countries and 65 Indian Cities across 24 States
Debanjan's Sarod concert hosted by Hon’ble Prime Minister of India Shri Narendra Modi-ji in 2019
Represented India as a young Cultural Diplomat in biggest Latin American Festival – Cervantino 2015
Represented India at the United Nations Congress in 2012

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Online Music Classes

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18 Countries


Debanjan performed in 18 Countries across North & Central America, Europe, Middle East, South Central Asia.

President's Award


Debanjan is a recipient of the coveted President of India's Gold Medal Award in the year 2008.

65 Cities in India


In India, Debanjan has performed in almost all the major music festivals across 65 Cities in 24 States in India.

Debanjan at UN


Debanjan had the rare honour to represent India in the United Nations Congress 2012 (Bahrain), where he performed in front of international dignitaries like the then UN Secy. Gen. Dr. Ban-ki-Moon and His Excellency, the King of Bahrain.

Cultural Diplomat


Debanjan was sent as one of the youngest Cultural Diplomats by the Govt. of India to represent Indian music in the biggest Latin American Music Festival - Internacional Cervantino. Also invited by US State Department in USA.

GiMA Nomination


Debanjan is a nominated artiste for the renowned Global Indian Music Academy Awards for the Best Album alongside legends Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia, Pt. Jasraj, Ust. Rashid Khan, Ust. Shujaat Khan, Pt. Ronu Majumdar.

Dhrupad Sarod


Besides regular Sarod concerts with Tabla on accompaniment, Debanjan has gained worldwide recognition for his pioneering work in establishing his brainchild and his new initiative - "Dhrupad Sarod" with solely Pakhawaj on accompaniment. Dhrupad, the ancient most form of Indian Classical Music is very less heard on Sarod accompanied on Pakhawaj. "Dhrupad Sarod" is a new concept & special form of Sarod recital conceptualized & exclusively performed globally by Debanjan Bhattacharjee with Pakhawaj as the accompanying percussion instrument, instead of Tabla. This unique presentation comprises of Dhrupad style compositions in Dhrupad Talas.

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Concert Video Excerpt

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